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Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro is a powerful and comprehensive system optimization and in this article, we are sharing 100% working list of Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro Keys and Free 1 Year License Code.

Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO is a comprehensive maintenance tool designed to optimize the performance and security of your computer. With a range of powerful features and tools, it offers an all-in-one solution for cleaning, optimizing, and protecting your PC.

What is Advanced SystemCare 16?

Advanced SystemCare 16 is available in both a free version and a Pro version, each offering different features and capabilities to cater to varying user needs.

The free version of Advanced SystemCare 16 provides users with essential tools for PC optimization and maintenance. It includes features such as junk file cleaning, registry cleaning, and basic system optimization. This version also offers a basic level of privacy protection by erasing online traces and some protection against malware and viruses with its built-in antivirus engine. Additionally, users can manage startup programs to improve boot times. The free version serves as a solid foundation for basic PC maintenance tasks, making it suitable for users seeking a lightweight solution.

On the other hand, the Pro version of Advanced SystemCare 16 offers an advanced and comprehensive set of features for users who require more robust optimization, security, and privacy capabilities. In addition to the features included in the free version, the Pro version provides enhanced system optimization techniques, deeper junk file cleaning, and advanced registry cleaning for better performance. It includes an advanced antivirus engine with real-time protection, malware removal, and a firewall to safeguard your system against online threats.

The Pro version also offers automated maintenance features, allowing users to schedule regular scans, cleanups, and optimizations. Furthermore, advanced privacy protection features protect sensitive information, while the software updater ensures that your applications are up to date, reducing potential security vulnerabilities. The Pro version also includes additional features such as FaceID for unauthorized user detection and Surfing Protection to block malicious websites and ads during browsing. The Advanced Toolbox in the Pro version provides access to a range of utilities and tools for more advanced system management and customization.

While the free version of Advanced SystemCare 16 offers basic optimization and protection features, the Pro version takes it a step further by providing a comprehensive suite of advanced features. The Pro version is suitable for users who seek a more thorough and robust solution for optimizing their PCs, protecting against malware, enhancing privacy, and gaining access to additional advanced tools and functionalities.

Key features of Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO:

  • System Cleaner: Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO scans and cleans up junk files, temporary files, and unnecessary data cluttering your system. By removing these files, it frees up valuable disk space and improves system performance.
  • Privacy Sweep: This feature helps you protect your privacy by erasing your online activity traces, such as browser history, cookies, and cached files. It ensures that your online activities remain private and secure.
  • Startup Optimization: Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO enables you to manage and optimize startup items, allowing you to speed up your computer’s boot time and improve overall system responsiveness.
  • Registry Cleaner: It scans and repairs invalid registry entries, fixing issues that can cause system errors and slowdowns. By optimizing the Windows registry, it enhances system stability and performance.
  • Real-time Protection: Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO incorporates a powerful antivirus engine that provides real-time protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats. It keeps your system secure and safeguards your personal information.
  • System Monitor: This feature provides real-time monitoring of your system’s performance, including CPU usage, RAM usage, disk usage, and network activity. It helps you identify resource-intensive processes and optimize system performance accordingly.
  • FaceID: This feature uses facial recognition technology to capture unauthorized access attempts to your computer. It can take snapshots of intruders and send notifications to help you protect your privacy.
  • Disk Optimization: This feature defragments your hard drive, reorganizing files and improving data access speed. It helps optimize disk performance, leading to faster file loading and system responsiveness.
  • Internet Booster: Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO optimizes your internet connection settings, allowing for faster and more stable browsing and downloading speeds. It enhances your online experience by reducing latency and improving network performance.
  • Software Updater: It automatically scans and updates outdated software on your computer, ensuring that you have the latest security patches and feature enhancements. This helps protect your system from vulnerabilities and ensures optimal software performance.

Is Advanced SystemCare 16 Free?

Advanced SystemCare 16, developed by IObit, offers users a comprehensive set of optimization and maintenance tools for their PCs. The software is available in both a free and a paid version, each offering distinct features and functionalities. In this article, we will explore the differences between the free and PRO versions of Advanced SystemCare 16 to help you make an informed choice.

The free version of Advanced SystemCare 16 provides users with essential tools to optimize and maintain their PCs. It includes features such as a junk file cleaner, a registry cleaner, and a system optimizer. Additionally, a basic antivirus engine is included to protect against online threats. While the free version offers a solid foundation for PC maintenance, it has limitations compared to the PRO version.

For users seeking advanced features and enhanced protection, the PRO version of Advanced SystemCare 16 is the ideal choice. With Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO, users gain access to a more robust antivirus engine, a privacy protector, and an advanced system optimizer. These additional features enable more comprehensive PC security, privacy protection, and optimization capabilities.

One of the key advantages of upgrading to Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO is the inclusion of real-time protection and automatic updates. The PRO version actively monitors your system in real-time, detecting and eliminating threats as they arise. Moreover, it ensures that your PC remains up to date with the latest security patches and performance enhancements through automatic updates.

To unlock the full potential of Advanced SystemCare 16, you can upgrade to the PRO version, which offers a range of subscription plans. The basic plan for one device is priced at $16.77/year, while the three-device plan costs $19.99/year. These affordable plans allow you to protect and optimize multiple devices, making it a cost-effective solution for households and businesses alike.

You can upgrade to the PRO version by purchasing the software from their official website. However, if you can’t manage to get a activation codes and want to get license for free, then you can use our list of free Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro License Key 2023 from the below section.

Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO Key (Updated – Aug  29, 2023)

[ADDED NEW KEY] Use the below free license key to activate the Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro Key Free For 1 Year License Code of lifetime activated.

Use the Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO Serial Codes to get a subscription till April 10, 2024.





Use the below license code to get a subscription till August 21, 2023.



156AB-C1B51-F6E03-7FD1N – Use this Advanced SystemCare Pro 16 Free License key to get a subscription till July 08, 2023.


438C1-44690-43E9D-8D71N – Valid till May 14, 2023.


9E5F1-A9FCD-CA6F7-B441N – Valid till May 06, 2023.


A3EBB-03B4F-C0C86-8DF1N – Valid till May 02, 2023.


35EB4-71BEB-DC703-B271N – Valid till April 24, 2023.

3 PCs License Key for Advanced SystemCare Pro 16

  • ZYTER-PC5VU-YNEGY-UX7E8 (365 days)
  • 87YT9-UXT69-K8YNF-TGJFQ (365 days)
  • 87TYP-98N9J-U1369-6RPG4 (365 days)

(Working) Advanced SystemCare 16 License Code

  • 6TQ9T-MCG3S-6X4RW-65CT3

Advanced SystemCare 16 Free License Key 2023

  • HJ73G-6HCT3-J42F6-YC7P4

Advanced SystemCare Pro Free Activation Codes

  • 94NXJ-49H3Z-7X777-Q98JB
  • 32VSX-9YLVN-35P6W-VUHZ7
  • 9WV8T-6L7C9-C4M6N-5ZMPP

Free Advanced SystemCare 16.5 Pro License Key 2023

New 180 days License code: C387C-C5A60-1141C-3B624

  • C98TR-FC8RD-CX23S-DFGH9-8FC75

Note: All the activation codes collected from the internet and users of the software.

That’s it!! Our team try to update and add latest wroking activation codes for Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO as soon as possible on this page. So you can bookmark this link to get a full working license key for free.

How to activate Advanced SystemCare Pro 16 for free?

To activate the PRO version of Advanced SystemCare 16 and unlock its premium features, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Advanced SystemCare 16 on your PC from the official IObit website.
  2. Launch Advanced SystemCare 16 by double-clicking on its desktop icon or locating it in your Start menu.
  3. Once the program is open, you will see the main window. Look for the “Activate Now” button in the bottom-left corner and click on it.
  4. A dialog box will appear, prompting you to enter your license key. Obtain a valid license key from the page provided by IObit.
  5. Enter the license key accurately into the field provided in the dialog box, ensuring there are no typos or extra spaces. Then, click on the “Activate” button.
  6. If the license key is valid and has not expired, Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO will be successfully activated. You will now have access to all the premium features and functionalities offered by the PRO version.

Remember to keep your license key in a safe place for future reference or reinstallation. Additionally, ensure that you are connected to the internet during the activation process to verify the license key.

Enjoy the enhanced optimization, security, and maintenance features that Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO for free by using our free list of license keys and guide!


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